Site Update: May 6, 2017 Alternate Realities
Things have been busy these last few months at Casa Del Casimir, so this update is small and slow in coming. But hey, I get there eventually. Without further ado, please meet the latest additions to Inanimate Objects. Harley Quinn (Gods and Monsters) Lady Talia (Amalgam) Harley Quinn statue (Liquid (read more...)
Site Update: September 2, 2016 Return of the Joker
Is it possible? A third update in less than four months?! What is this, 2005 again? I’ve got to pace myself. This is an update long in the making. Some of these Jokerz have been sitting on my workbench for a few years, in one form or another. But the (read more...)
Site Update: July 23, 2016 The Smallville-Metropolis Express
It’s time again for an update! This is the second one in less than six weeks, which means I’m ahead of my usual quota for the year. Let’s hope I surpass that! This particular set was a real labor of love. I set out to expand some of the supporting (read more...)
Site Update: June 12, 2016 Dark Claw and Sparrow
Welcome to an Inanimate Objects update! A new section has been added to galleries: 6″ Animated! It was only a matter of time before I started working in that scale, now that we have some raw material. After these many years without, it’s great to see so many screen-accurate characters (read more...)
Site Update: November 15, 2015 Harley and Ivy
Introducing Casual Harley! She’s the result of another fun joint project between myself and Zelu1984. I crafted Harley and he made this amazing Poison Ivy to fill the kitchen playset, Seriously, take a closer look at Ivy. She’s fantastic! He even made the potted plant! You can find more photos (read more...)
Site Update: September 12, 2015 Odds and Ends
Some Inanimate Objects fans have pointed out that it’s not always easy to know what my latest creations are, as the list on Amazing Creations only features ten at a time. So I thought I’d start adding a little message such as this one for each major site update. This (read more...)
Inanimate History: Miniatures
In my youth, I really enjoyed painting 25 mm lead miniatures. I found it relaxing to focus on such tiny things. Pretty sure I couldn’t paint these now if I tried. Oddly enough, despite the fact my pals and I played (improv comedy style) RPGs, we never used the minis (read more...)
Inanimate History: Transformers
Back during the aughts, Takara released (or licensed?) these tiny PVC figures of cartoon-accurate Transformers. These were some of the most accurate representations of many of these characters ever, and remain so to this day. Each one was blind boxed (Grrr!), so I’d buy a case. Each case had a (read more...)
Inanimate History: Star Wars
I’m a part of the Star Wars generation. And no matter how much the Prequels stank, I will never shake my love for Star Wars. Like so many people my age, it’s part of me, whether I like it or not. I recently came across some old art, and thought (read more...)
Inanimate History: Old Customs
I recently stumbled across the last remaining evidence of some of my early efforts at customizing. Most of these are from 1994-1995. I’d been customizing all my life. I simply didn’t know it had a name until that point. Bear in mind there was no internet or Photoshop back then. (read more...)