Gotham Wars


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Dramatis Personae


Dramatis Vehiculis


Tonight’s Episode: “Frozen”


Bonus Pin-Up Section


Quick reference to the customs:
Bobah Sh’ott
Ha’leen Quin-Zell
Joh’ker the Hutt
The Knight
Robin Frozen in Carbonite
Scarfacious B. Crumb
White Diamond
White Diamond’s Swoop



  • Horizon says:

    Oh boy! I’m really hoping for some Lando/Harvey Dent goodness in the next installment.

    • Oh, that’s meta! I had a Two-Face in mind, but I wanted to use Bib Fortuna, and he doesn’t exist in the 6″/7″ scale yet. But using Billy Dee? A Star Wars/Batman/Batman ’89 mash-up is a triple score! Consider this added to my list.

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