Site Update: July 12, 2024 #ILikeBigPrints
When I started 3D resin printing, I knew I wanted to swing for the fences, and push the limits of what a resin printer could do. The learning curve is rough, but the rewards are so, so sweet! Here are three of my latest. Arkham Asylum gate Brainiac’s Skullship Garraka (read more...)
Site Update: July 9, 2024 March of the Penguins
I have dozens of projects cooking at any given time. Usually, a handful will start to coalesce around each other to form a unified theme. Never was that more obvious than this recent bunch of flightless waterfowl bubbling to the surface together. I’d been working on my 3D-printed TNBA Penguin (read more...)
TNBA Penguin Kits
As of this writing, it’s clear that Todd McFarlane is happy enough to re-sell DC Direct’s 1:12 animated Bat lines, but not interested enough to offer new characters to “fill the gaps.” At least as far as the TNBA line is concerned. (Making us re-buy BTAS figures in order to (read more...)
The Cost of Customs
The Cost of Customs (or Why I Rarely Sell My Work) I am often told, by fellow enthusiasts and “muggles” alike, that I should sell my customized toys and creations. “You could make a lot of money,” they say. No disrespect, but anyone saying this has no idea what they (read more...)
Sean Murphy Event, June 8, 2024
I was honored (and flattered, and floored!) to be asked by Sean Murphy, creator of the Batman: White Knight books I so enjoy, to attend a private event he was hosting in Dallas, Texas. He asked if I would bring my custom figures based on his work. I could not (read more...)
Site Update: June 3, 2024 Blockade Runner
It’s a small but mighty update today. Tantive IV (Blockade Runner) Robin’s Redbird 1989 Batmobile Shields Enjoy! Casimir June 2024 (read more...)
Site Update: March 4, 2024 Hollywood Objects
Time for more customs based on film and TV. And another Batmobile. Alfred Pennyworth (2022) Bane (Shirtless 2012) Batgirl (1966) Batman (Unmasked 2008) Batman (Keaton 2023) Batman (1989) Batman (Affleck 2023) Batman Memorial (2012) 1989 Batmobile (Updated) Brainiac (Snyderverse) Bruce Wayne (1966) “Beware the Batman” Batmobile Cyborg Superman (Snyderverse) Deathstroke (read more...)
Site Update: October 9, 2023 The Real Ghostbusters
It’s spooky season! Let’s see some ghosts and ‘busters! Boogieman Janine Melnitz Samhain Happy Halloween! Casimir October 2023 (read more...)
Site Update: September 29, 2023 Hollywood Objects
It’s time for more movie-based customs! Superman (Nic Cage) Batman ’89 (Blue) Batman ’92 (Returns) Batman ’89 (Sketch) Batman ’93 Summer Gleeson Max Shreck Mr. Freeze Batmobile ’92 Batsignal Enjoy! Casimir September 2023 (read more...)
Site Update: September 14, 2023 White Knight
Time for a new batch of White Knight customs! Batman (Future) Batman (Unmasked) White Knight Batmobile Edmond Wayne Victor Fries Harley Quinn Lafayette “Laffy” Arkham Nightwing Poison Ivy Red Hood And if you missed it, check out the TNBA Batmobile. Enjoy! Casimir September 2023 (read more...)