Site Update: July 7, 2021 Hollywood Objects
Here’s a batch of relatively easy projects from the silver screen. Bruce Wayne (Snyderverse) Agent Kallus Lucius Fox Marty McFly (1885) Speeder Bike (Mandalorian) Wonder Woman (Wingless Armor) General Zod Superman (Resurrected) And, as usual, the photo archive has been updated. Enjoy! Casimir July 2021 (read more...)
Site Update: June 22, 2021 Bombshells Class of 2021
Time for a new batch of Bombshells! This time, half of them are men. Baby Doll Batwoman (Away Uniform) Captain Marvel The Gray Ghost The Joker (Sailor) Killer Croc Maxima Phantasm Superman Vigilante And, as usual, the photo archive has been updated. Enjoy! Casimir June 2021 (read more...)
Site Update: June 12, 2021 Inanimate Objects Goes West
I have expanded my Western/Gotham by Gaslight sub-line with a few new additions: Bat Lash Smilin’ Jack (Joker) Professor Wesker and his Clockwork Marvels (Ventriloquist) And if you missed the first batch: Harleen Quinzel by Gaslight Selina Kyle by Gaslight Pamela Isley by Gaslight And, as usual, the photo archive has been (read more...)
Site Update: March 26, 2021 Penguin Returns
I normally prefer to wait until I have a batch of customs finished before I update the site. But I am making an exception for these two, because I am so excited to share them. It’s rare that I get to add a vehicle to the roster, much less one (read more...)
Trading Post
Sometimes, when you aren’t looking, life throws you a curveball. As a result, I have made the heart-breaking and challenging decision to sell most of my DC Animated Universe customs in the 4.5″ (ish) size, from a period spanning 30 years. (Kenner/Hasbro/Mattel.) I trust those of you who make a (read more...)
Site Update: February 7, 2021 Jingle Belle Goes to Gotham
Time for some animated goodness! Kitsune Nozawa Holiday Harley Quinn Jingle Belle The Condiment King And, as usual, the photo archive has been updated. UPDATE TO THE UPDATE! Yes, it’s true. There’s more to see! Animated Azrael Batman (Azrael) “White Knight” Todd McFarlane TNBA Batman Jekko the Clown’s Van Casimir February 2021 (read more...)
Site Update: February 1, 2021 Top Secret Bombshells
It’s a new year. Let’s get started with new customs! Time to add some boys to the Bombshells. Airboy (Bombshell) Joker (Bombshell) Ravager (Bombshell) Harley Quinn the Pirate Queen And, as usual, the photo archive has been updated. Casimir February 2021         (read more...)
Interview with the Watchtower Database
    (read more...)
Site Update: November 9, 2020 Harley’s Photo Album
It’s November 9th, and there is once again hope in the world! It’s been awhile since I visited the Timmverse properly. Let’s correct that! Penguin’s henchgals are ready to serve you at the Iceberg Loung. And there’s not one but two March Harriets to meet! Jay Raven Lark March Harriet (read more...)
Site Update: November 5, 2020 Gotham City Sirens By Gaslight
Well, if the hellscape that is 2020 has a silver lining for me, it’s that I am way ahead on my schedule of completed customs. And that means more  to share with you. Diamond Select finally released their Westworld Clementine figure, and I went to town with it. I also (read more...)