Trading Post

Time to open up the ol’ trading post again. Please read the simple instructions below. Failure to follow these instructions will see your request deleted without a second thought.

  1. Please request items by item number. See the big yellow number in the red circle in each photo? That’s what you want. If you say “I would like to buy the POP Harley,” I won’t have any idea what you’re talking about.
  2. Prices are crazy low. You won’t see these prices on eBay. So I’m not really interested in haggling. That being said, if you want to make my life easier and buy a whole mess of items (we’re talking dozens), then I am willing to cut a deal.
  3. What you see is what you get. If it’s not in the photo, it ain’t there. (So pleased don’t ask if a figure comes with accessories not shown.)
  4. Alternatively, this is a Trading Post. So let’s trade! Things I am looking for include:
    1. Justice Buster BAF right leg, right arm, head
    2. DC Collectibles Bombshells figures, especially Poison Ivy
    3. DC Collectibles Animated Batman figures, especially the female characters (that goes double for Zatanna) or either Two-Face versions
    4. Maven Collectibles Superheroine Blank figures, “athletic” in either scale
    5. Diamond Select Marilyn Munster (color or greyscale)
    6. DC Direct Secret Files Poison Ivy
    7. 7″-scale men in suits, such as Diamond Select’s Gotham and Pulp Fiction lines
    8. Bratz school bus. Seriously. You have one to part with? Let’s talk.
  5. Buyer to pay actual, genuine shipping costs. I am not out to rob anybody. But I’m also not a big company that can arrange for subsidized shipping. I usually use USPS Priority Mail, but I can try otherwise upon request. I won’t know the shipping cost for any order until it’s settled and I can weigh the end result. But Priority Mail usually starts around $10.15 or so, up to a pound. After that it jumps to $11.75. You’d have to buy a whole bunch of stuff to get past that. So yeah, $10+ shipping on a $3 figure seems silly. But buy several and you have yourself a bargain.
  6. Anything currently boxed or sealed can be opened and made loose, if you’d like to try to cut down on shipping costs via volume.
  7. Outside the U.S.? Shipping is gonna be unpleasant, no doubt. But we can try.
  8. I can accept Zelle, Venmo, and (to a degree) PayPal. The first two are preferred. We can discuss details. (UPDATE: Paypal will no longer be accepted for orders less than $20, UNLESS you are willing to use “Friends and Family.” Paypal takes far too big a bite out of a sale they did not earn.)
  9. I am just one guy, at home, with lots of responsibilities. None of this is automated. I promise I will respond as quickly as I can. If that’s not fast enough for you, then please don’t bother asking for anything.
  10. First come, first serve. I will do my best to accommodate everyone in turn. Also, I will try to delete items from the page as they are sold.
  11. See rule #1.
  12. Still interested? Drop me an email at (Please DO NOT direct message me on social media. That is where messages go to die. There’s every chance I won’t see it. You have been warned.)

And don’t forget, if you are a toy photographer and need some decent floors and ground for your images, you can buy prints to solve that problem.



Prices as marked.



Prices as marked.



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