TNBA Penguin Kits

As of this writing, it’s clear that Todd McFarlane is happy enough to re-sell DC Direct’s 1:12 animated Bat lines, but not interested enough to offer new characters to “fill the gaps.” At least as far as the TNBA line is concerned. (Making us re-buy BTAS figures in order to obtain one new character is dirty pool,  but at least it’s something new.) I can help solve at least a small part of that problem.

Mattel’s TNBA Penguin is an excellent sculpt, if limited in articulation. I had it scanned, scaled it up, and 3D-printed a very limited number of kits.

Note that I offer this in two sizes. “Regular” is optically correct, compared to the other figures in the line. “Large” is what I believe to be mathematically correct. I suspect if DC Direct had gotten around to this version of Oswald, they’d have produced the larger versions, as they seem beholden to the the stated heights of characters,  versus their actual appearance. (Looking at you too-short BTAS Robin.) See images below.

Each unpainted kit is printed is Resione Anti-Impact resin. This stuff is more durable and less brittle than standard resin, and feels more like plastic to the touch. It’s also less likely to generate dust where friction occurs, which is important for the swivel joints. It costs more, but I feel the price justifies the quality.

Be advised some light sanding will be required before painting.

Each kit is $45 shipped in the United States. (Outside the U.S.? Let’s talk.) Price is via Friends and Family. The price via Goods and Services is $47.14.

(I currently also have one painted “large” version available for $100 FF/$104.12 GS.) [UPDATE: Sold!]

First come, first served. If I sell out, I might be persuaded to print more. But doing so may have to wait until autumn. The anti-impact resin does not like the heat of summer.

I am able to accept Paypal, Venmo, and Zelle.

Interested? Drop me an email at Be sure to tell me which size you want.

(Please DO NOT direct message me on social media. That is where messages go to die. There’s every chance I won’t see it. You have been warned.)


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