Sean Murphy Event, June 8, 2024

I was honored (and flattered, and floored!) to be asked by Sean Murphy, creator of the Batman: White Knight books I so enjoy, to attend a private event he was hosting in Dallas, Texas. He asked if I would bring my custom figures based on his work. I could not say YES fast enough!

The evening was a blast! The attendees were a mix of fans, writers, and artists. Talking “shop” with so many creative people was ridiculously fun. The whole affair was a breath of fresh air in these troubled times.

Of course, the big reveal concerned the two Harleys I made for Mr. Murphy and his co-writing partner, Katana Collins. I think he was quite surprised!

You can see “casual” Harley here and the updated Noir Harley here.

More new White Knight pieces include Go-Go-Dancer Harleen and unmasked Azrael.

There are a lot of people who helped make the presentation possible, whether they know it or not.

@violakittentkd and @pixcustoms for being the finest crew a fella could ask for.
@stl.custom.collections sculpted the more recent Harley heads
@dumb.nerd.ryan sculpted the more recent Harley Noir belt
@torrida.minis sculpted “Penny” that I modified as Harley in the doorway.
@sonstocustoms sculpted the unmasked Bruce head (book one)
@matteoscalera and @cmccormack414 and @matthollingsworthcolor and @mirkand89 for artistic inspiration
And of course @katanacollins and @seangordonmurphy for providing the best damned Bat books in 20 years!

Thank you, Mr. Murphy, for allowing me to play in your world for just a little while. 🙂

(Apologies if I skipped anyone. I’m tired!)

June 8th, 2024

The Display


The People



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