Harleen Quinzel (Go-Go Dancer)
Posted on June 10, 2024

In the book Batman White Knight Presents Harley Quinn, we see a younger Harleen Quinzel making her way through college as a Go-Go dancer at a “gentlemen’s club,” as depicted by artist Matteo Scalera. As I was preparing some customs for an event, I realized I had just enough time to finish one more. And the “eureka” moment came when I realized the perfect legs already existed.

The legs in question come from a DC Direct New52 Zatanna figure. The knees are single-jointed, which I’m not crazy about.  But the printed fishnets match the art so well I can forgive the joints. (Plus, I don’t have to make fishnets! Always a plus.) The lower torso and arms are from a DC Essentials Harley. Hands are Bombshell Ivy. Upper toros is a Marvel Legends Enchantress. The head is 3D-printed from a random file of a woman. Not sure of its origin. The fuzzy balls are, in fact, fuzzy balls found on Amazon. The two on her back are connected via twist ties.

The pole is a styrene rod fitted into a jar lid.

Go-Go Harley made her premiere at a private function in Dallas, hosted by the creator of the White Knight universe, Sean Murphy.

Created May 2024



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