Harley Quinn Noir 2.0 (White Knight)
Posted on June 10, 2024

You might be wondering why I chose to remake a character as a custom figure so soon after my previous effort. Two reasons: 1) better parts became available, and 2) I had the opportunity to prepare one as a gift for Mr. Sean Murphy and his wife Katana Collins.

This version started the same as the original. The base is a DC Essentials Harley. The feet were swapped for some Marvel Legends treaders. The shoe details and the glove cuffs are a mix of raw vinyl and Magic Sculpt. The diamond patterns were printed on vinyl “sticker paper.” The collar is cut from vinyl.

What’s new is the head and belt. @dumb.nerd.ryan sculpted the excellent belt. @stl.custom.collections sculpted the three noggins as part of his Patreon. The folded-back hood was taken from a 3D sculpt of Spider-Gwen. (I am unsure of its origin.) I printed the head and hood in Siraya Fast Tech Grey, and the belt in Siraya Tenacious Clear. All on a Mars 2 Pro.

I created the hammers using my crude digital skills, printed in Siraya Fast Tech Grey. My favorite part about the belt is there’s an opening for the small version of the hammer. The hammer head can be removed from the handle, and fitted in the belt holster. I love it!

I made two copies of this one. One for myself, and one for Sean Murphy and Katana Collins, writer-artist-creators of the White Knight universe. Harley was unveiled at a private event in Dallas, TX, and went home with Mr. Murphy. He was even gracious enough to ask me and my team to sign the box! Enjoy, Sean and Katana!

Created May 2024


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