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Inanimate Objects consists primarily of photographs of custom figures. From time to time, though, I dabble in toy photography that is less custom-centric. To date I’ve posted these images to social media, but that’s hardly an efficient means of communication. Twitter is just a mess with no organization. Facebook denies viewings to legitimate fans. And Instagram butchers every photo by cropping. (Yes, even with the “full size” button, your photos are being cropped.) With that in mind, I wanted a place where my better photos could be found anytime with ease. So I’ve started this page with multiple galleries for your viewing pleasure.

DC Animated

DC Bombshells

DC (General)

DC (Live Action)


Gotham Wars

Mashups & Mishaps

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 

Batman: White Knight

Gotham by Gaslight/Western


Promotional Art


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