Mxyzptlk (Engineer)
I wanted a new Mxyzptlk to go with my new Gsptlsnz, so I opted to go with his “engineer” look as seen in his first episode appearance. That whole bit about him building the giant robot and Gspy trying to distract him to no avail is classic! Engineer Mxy was (read more...)
Gsptlsnz (Reclined)
Gsptlsnz was a labor of love. Repositioning a figure’s limbs like this is usually the work of Climax1. I guess I was following his style on this one. Gspy is mostly a Hawkgirl figure, with her limbs removed and repositioned. She’s also been repositioned at the waist. Her lower right (read more...)
A Mala custom is a deceptively tough nut to crack, and that’s probably why it’s taken me so many years to get around to making her and Jax-Ur. She’s certainly a beefier shape than the usual wispy female character designs of the Timmverse. That meant having to Frankenstein some parts (read more...)
General Jax-Ur was built on a Mattel TNBA batman body. I felt this choice provided the best proportions. The shoulders were Dremeled down for a more rounded look, and the belt blasted off. The torso order was shaped out of Super Sculpey (in the interest of time), and the remaining (read more...)
Climax1: Going where no other customizer will dare to go. Just look at this beast! I doubt I ever would’ve tackled such a project on my own. But C1 didn’t blink. He dived in head first. I don’t know what or if there was a base figure, but that’s a (read more...)
Poison Ivy with Flower
Many moons ago, I crafted a Poison Ivy that I hoped would be end-all, be-all of Poison Ivy head sculpts. Sadly, I fell short of that goal, but she still pretty worked well. The primary shortcoming, once all was said and done, was her tiny face. I should have used (read more...)
Harley Quinn with Hammer
Climax1 is cranking out some great work lately! He bends limbs like they’re wet noodles, creating all new characters and variations. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next! When Climax1 revealed his Harley with a hammer, there was no question. I had to have her on (read more...)
Blockbuster is one of those characters I figured I’d get around to making someday, but he never seemed to make it to the top of the list. He requires a good deal of character-specific work. So I constantly put him off. But when someone else does the heavy lifting for (read more...)
In 2008 I created a properly-scaled AMAZO from a bootleg Flash figure. It was adequate enough, but I recognize it was too thin and  a little off in the sculpt. Jump ahead five years, and Stew once again comes to the rescue. He recently worked up his “bruiser” body type. It (read more...)
Some time ago, the prototype Darkseid figure made its way to eBay. Fortunately for us customizers, this prototype then became a guest of Stew, and now we all have access to its parts. I think its fair to say most of us agree the prototype is far superior to the (read more...)