Posted on July 10, 2013

darkseid-hybrid-01Some time ago, the prototype Darkseid figure made its way to eBay. Fortunately for us customizers, this prototype then became a guest of Stew, and now we all have access to its parts.

I think its fair to say most of us agree the prototype is far superior to the Darkseid that Mattel released to mass retail. However, it still suffers from a common Mattel problem: its too short! I wanted to correct that problem, and make a superior Darkseid.

What you see hear involved the talents of Stew, Tyke, and myself. Tyke stepped in and duplicated a few parts at my request.

The torso, head, and upper arms come from the prototype. The hands are from the “Destroyer” Darkseid. The “skirt” and legs are from the mass-release Darkseid, bound by a vinyl belt.

This was one of the first figures I made using rare-Earth magnets for the joints. What a joy! I’ll never go back to manufacturing pegs again!

Thanks to Tyke and Stew, without whom this would not have been possible.

Ultimately, this was for the New Gods showcase at Custom Justice.

Created March 2013



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