Darkseid (Prototype)
Posted on July 10, 2013

darkseid-prototype-01Some time ago, the prototype Darkseid figure made its way to eBay. Fortunately for us customizers, this prototype then became a guest of Stew, and now we all have access to its parts.

I think its fair to say most of us agree the prototype is far superior to the Darkseid that Mattel released to mass retail. However, it still suffers from a common Mattel problem: its too short! Despite that, I wanted a representation of what might have been on my shelf. What you see here is simple my build-out of the parts Stew provided, connected via rare-Earth magnets. My only additional contribution was the “skirt,” which came from a Marvel Select Jean Grey figure. (It was a near perfect fit.)

Created March 2013


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