Posted on September 28, 2013

annihilator-01Climax1: Going where no other customizer will dare to go. Just look at this beast! I doubt I ever would’ve tackled such a project on my own. But C1 didn’t blink. He dived in head first. I don’t know what or if there was a base figure, but that’s a lot of original sculpting on top. And it’s just gorgeous.

Thankfully, C1 shared castings of his monster creation. And the world was happy.

Thanks, C1!

Created September 2013



  • Jim O'Donnelly says:

    That thing looks fantastic – and I bet it weighs a ton!
    One of the things I most enjoyed about the JLU was the frequent use of wonder woman’s connection to the Greek pantheon of gods, and throughout the mattel run of toys, i kept hoping we’d see some of those characters, especially circe and the annihilator.
    (For that matter, mattel never made any of the supernatural villains, either. Probably afraid of some group complaining about satanic toys…)

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