Morgaine le Fey
Ms. le Fey is a 37Customs original sculpt that Stew cast. Thanks to both of you for providing such a great piece! All I did was paint her. Regarding the metallic paint: there was a time when I would not let the stuff touch my animated customs. It wasn’t screen (read more...)
Some time ago I asked 37Customs to help out with some projects. Given my time constraints, he agreed to provide some sculpts for me. I could jump right into painting without the sculpt slowing me down. Well, due to said time constraints, I’m still working through the pieces he provided. (read more...)
Of all Joker’s Jokerz, Woof might be the most difficult to craft. Heck, I’d been sitting on a shortcut for years, and it still took me that long to muster the courage. Obviously, the biggest challenge is the head. And I had a great advantage in that the talented Glassman (read more...)
Joker (Future)
I’d made a Future Joker years ago. For its time, it was fine. But it’s a decade-and-a-half later. Time to improve matters. I wanted this version to capture Future Joker’s thin, wiry frame. I used the torso and legs of Lex from the Doomsday animated line. Mattel’s Creeper arms were (read more...)
Ghoul is another fine kit produced by GeekVarietyCustoms. Honestly I did very little to modify his original product. I sculpted the hat brim, giving it some character and dimension, and I sculpted the Jack-o-Lantern candy bucket, trying my best to keep it screen accurate. (The handle is a twist-tie.) The (read more...)
Dee Dee
Oh, Dee Dee. How you have vexed me over the years! My original customs, while a valiant effort at the time, are pretty lousy by today’s standards. I’ve started her over again many times through the years, but I never seem to get very far. It’s that damned hair! It (read more...)
Some time ago I enlisted the aid of the mighty 37Customs to help me with my customs output. My time is at such a premium, I simply can’t address all the projects I want to. So 37Customs agreed to produce some sculpts for me, leaving the painting chores for myself. (read more...)
Bonk’s torso started as a Happy’s (always useful for those big blokes). The legs came from a Mattel TNBA Batman. Much Dremeling and many applications of Magic Sculpt blended the two. The black overall and the upper line of the red shirt were sculpted. Happy also donated his boots to (read more...)
Black Manta
If I have my story straight, 37Customs was taking a lot of commissions for Black Manta figures using the head from the eponymous Imaginext figure. In order to improve efficiency, he asked Stew to cast a few copies of the head and backpack, allowing Stew the option to included Black (read more...)
Mercy Graves (Fight)
Since I was upgrading Mercy, I thought it best to make a fighting version to accompany a fighting Harley, as they appeared in World’s Finest.” I had hoped to build this version of Mercy from the version Glassman was helping with, but crazy schedules prevented that from happening. So I (read more...)