Dee Dee
Posted on September 2, 2016


Oh, Dee Dee. How you have vexed me over the years! My original customs, while a valiant effort at the time, are pretty lousy by today’s standards. I’ve started her over again many times through the years, but I never seem to get very far. It’s that damned hair! It looks deceptively simple. I assure you, it is not.

This time around, I hadn’t really intended to remake the twins. I sort of fell into the project. GeekVarietyCustoms produced a fun Dee Dee kit several years ago. (One twin has a bent arm for variety.) GVC makes some great stuff, and much of it tends to have a generic quality. This means some details end up painted rather than sculpted, but he gets more characters out of the parts. His Dee Dee heads were made from the old Hasbro Supergirl. I was 100% okay with all this when I assembled the kits. And then they sat untouched. For a year.

When I picked them up again, I felt I wanted to add the details back in, so I sculpted the boots, pants, etc. And I really wanted to craft that noggin again myself. I felt Dee Dee needed the biggest eyes possible, so I started from the Mattel Batgirl head. The trick to the hair was building it up in layers, and sanding the heck out of it between each layer. The hat was sculpted after the hair, and the brim was cut from vinyl.

Since I don’t care to drive myself insane, I opted to not sculpt the head twice. So I had it cast.

I’m very pleased with how the head turned out. I’m pleased with the bodies, too, though they are a little stiff. The real issue is the heads are about 10% too large for the bodies. There was no avoiding that.

Thanks to GeekVarietyCustoms for the parts in this project!

Created August 2016



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