Posted on September 2, 2016


Of all Joker’s Jokerz, Woof might be the most difficult to craft. Heck, I’d been sitting on a shortcut for years, and it still took me that long to muster the courage.

Obviously, the biggest challenge is the head. And I had a great advantage in that the talented Glassman had sculpted and cast a great Woof noggin many years before. I’d had a copy stored away, just waiting for its chance at glory!

What got me excited about the project was figuring out how to make the body. Mattel’s Etrigan seemed like the obvious place to start, but it was too wide and the arms were wrong. It was time bring the violence. I placed Etrigan under the band saw and cut him in half. I made sure to remove about a quarter inch wide from his center. Then I slapped the two halves back together, blending over the seam with Magic Sculpt. For the arms, I swapped Etrigan’s for a pair of Mattel Bizarro arms. The shape and hands were well suited, but the shoulders were far too small. I held the arms at an angle to the body, and built up new shoulders with Magic Sculpt, adding some “fur” to the top.

Glassman’s Woof head is encased in a solid chuck of epoxy, shaping the neck. I sculpted the mane and vest, and he was ready for paint.

Woof was a long time coming, but patience paid off in the end.

Thanks Glassman!

Created August 2016



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