Before you read this recipe, take a moment and visit Grundy’s gallery. Grundy is an amazing customizer and artist, with some top-shelf sculpting skills. I’ve been following his stuff for some time now, and it’s always inspiring to this mere mortal to see what he’s capable of creating. As you (read more...)
Justice Lords Clones
These barely qualify as customs, but I thought as a group they were worth showing. I enjoyed Mattel’s use of black lines and red dots to create “Luthoriac’s” clones of the Justice Lords, and thought I would employ the same technique to the remaining five characters. Hardly show accurate, but (read more...)
Jim Abell recently pointed out that the Ben Ten figure “Wildmutt” looked a lot like the monster form of the S:TAS character the Preserver. I think it was Peter Fries that informed us the same character designer worked on both shows, so it’s little wonder there are such similarities. Honestly, (read more...)
Joker (Mad Love)
I really enjoy the Bruce Timm image of Harley breaking Joker out of Arkham, with Bats in the background (available at the WB store for $450, should anyone be thinking of me at Christmas). I’d wanted to make this figure for some time, but couldn’t find the right base. As (read more...)
Poison Ivy’s Creatures
What you see here is something of a simplified amalgam of Ivy’s creations as they appeared in “Chemistry” and the fantastic video game “Batman: Vengeance.” Obviously, the recipe is that of the now infamous new school Bane. The torso is Happy combined with Detective Bats’ lower half. The torso leaf (read more...)
Joker (Arkham Inmate)
One of the driving reasons behind the Arkham Asylum project was the excuse to make some of Batman’s rogues gallery in prison attire. (Like I really needed an excuse.) Joker had to be included in this roster, of course. There was no getting around it. I checked all of the (read more...)
Joker (Injustice Gang)
It’s been awhile since I made a Joker custom. Seems there was a time when I was adding him to the site on a regular basis. Well, it’s time for a new one. This version of the nefarious clown is based on his appearances on Justice League. The design is (read more...)
Poison Ivy (TNBA)
How many times have I made this version of Ivy now? Five? Six? (And no, most of those incarnations are not on Inanimate Objects. They’ll likely never see the light of day again.) Ivy’s hair is the hardest part of any Ivy custom. It’s so specific in shape, it’s hard (read more...)
Joker (Holiday)
While “Christmas with the Joker” was arguably the worst episode of the original Animated Batman series, I felt Holiday Harley needed a friend on the shelf. A little sculpture and paint and Joker was ready to join his holiday jester for some eggnog. Created Spring 1998 (read more...)
Poison Ivy (Holiday Knights)
“Holiday Knights” was the first TNBA episode to air, and it remains one of my favorites these many years later. The opening scene between Harley and Ivy captures their relationship perfectly, with some beautiful animation. How could I not want to represent that in plastic? “Casual” Ivy started as a (read more...)