Mxyzptlk! (Pronounced “Mix-Yes-Spit-Lick.”) Long have you eluded me! At long last, you exist in three dimensional form on my shelf. And the world was happy. Mxy is my first concentrated foray into original sculpts. Except for his hat that he stole from a Riddler figure, he is 100% Super Sculpey. (read more...)
Yet another obscure villain I can barely name, much less describe his MO. Stew crafted the head, torso and arms. I added the legs and cape. A little paint and clean up and the Legion of Losers Doom is expanded! If you’re looking for him in an episode of JLU, (read more...)
Inque (Human Form)
This Inque custom was part of Scott Rogers’ Hawkgirl Challenge in CustomCon 14. Multiple participants submitted figures made from Hawkgirl bases, showing what a wonderfully versatile base Hawkgirl is. Sculpting-wise, I started by removing and smoothing over the details on Hawkgirl. Inque’s head is a Justice Lord Wonder Woman, with (read more...)
Mr. Freeze’s Ice Maidens
I’ve seen a number of Ice Maidens made before, but none ever looked quite right to me. I wanted to make every effort to get all the details right on my set. The base figure is a Hasbro Supergirl. As I have done numerous times before, I removed her legs (read more...)
Hellhound is another Stew kit, consisting of the head, arms, and legs. I provided the standard medium male torso, the jacket, and the collar. A little clean up, some paint, and BAM he’s on the shelf. Created October 2012 (read more...)
Harley Quinn (TNBA II)
It’s been far too long since I’ve created some Harley customs. To make up for that slack, I’ve created four new ones. I suppose I didn’t have a real need for a TNBA Harley, as I already made one that I’m quite pleased with. But I wanted to try a (read more...)
Harley Quinn (TNBA I)
I’ve long since wanted an improved, new school Harley. Given that the only difference between the old and new school designs are some sharper angles, a new custom had to be reasonably spot-on, otherwise it’s just a plain old Harley. Using Hawkgirl as a base, I think I’ve gotten pretty (read more...)
Harley Quinn (Swimsuit)
True, this particular design hasn’t appeared in an episode, but one can’t have a swimsuit Joker without a Swimsuit Harley. The main body is from a Mulan figure (affectionately called “Underwear Mulan”), while the head is a cast copy. The skirt is sculpy with liquid plastic poured over it to (read more...)
Harley Quinn (Mechanic)
Another inspired use for spare parts. I had a Harley torso, sans legs and head, which was the byproduct of a previous project. I built up sculpy around the torso to create the overalls, and used a head cast from a Harley figure. The result helps round out the ever-growing (read more...)
Harley Quinn (Mad Love)
Continuing my never-ending trend of “let’s make every variation of Joker and Harley,” I present Harley in her negligĂ© from “Mad Love.” The main body is a Hawkgirl. The bare feet come from an old Pocahontas figure (I think). The arms are from Hasbro’s attempt at a TNBA Poison Ivy, (read more...)