Two-Face ’89
Seems like lately the question “What might Billy Dee Williams have looked like as Two-Face had he continued in the role” is being asked with greater frequency. I’ve seen some very clever fan art pop up, including some truly inspiring custom figures. I guess this is my turn to jump (read more...)
Bruce Wayne ’89
Sometimes a project comes together quickly, without any real previous planning. I had an opportunity to buy some head castings from the Casting Cave. I had heard of the Cave, but never made a purchase. When I took a look, I zeroed in on a shrunken version of the Hot (read more...)
Janine Melnitz
I was really hoping we’d see a Ghostbusters 2 Janine, once Diamond Select’s line moved along that far. Now that we’ve seen the line-up through wave 10, that doesn’t seem likely. So once again I must make my own stuff! Renee from Diamond Select’s Mallrats line makes up the body. (read more...)
Dana Barrett
We are deep into the second line of movie-based Ghostbusters figures, and poor Dana never gets produced as a “regular” version, only as Zuul. I thought that was unfair and decided to remedy it. The inspiration for the construction came from the Janine figure. I realized that without the giant (read more...)
Ghostbusters (Marshmallow)
When Mattel produced their 6″ line of Ghostbusters, I was very disappointed in the marshmallow versions of the ‘Busters. Mattel took the cheap way out and slapped on a minimal amount of white paint. There was no additional sculpting to represent the mass of marshmallow that covered each fellow, and (read more...)
Egon Spengler (Courtroom)
When the Mattel Ghostbusters line ended, they left a small hole in the collection. “Courtroom” Peter and ray were made, but not Egon. I meant to take matters into my own hands for some time, but I waited until I found a deal on the parts. I simple placed the (read more...)
Alfred Pennyworth (1966)
I don’t pretend that this looks anything like the late, great Alan Napier, but my ’66 Bats needed an Alfred, and so this will have to do. I chose the Mattel suited body as a base, as it’s tall and skinny, much like Mr. Napier. For the head I chose (read more...)
Harley Quinn 1966
After waiting all my life, I finally have some halfway decent 1966 Batman toys on the shelf. But as I set them up for the first time, something seemed to be missing. Harley, of course! But our dear kookey gal didn’t exist back then. So I asked myself what she (read more...)