Bruce Wayne (1966)
Is a simple head swap a custom? The debate rages on. Mr. Wayne is made from an unmasked 1966 Batman head (McFarlane) on a “Club Obi-Wan” Indiana Jones body (Hasbro). I don’t think Adam West ever appeared in such a tux on the old show, but he could have! Created (read more...)
Diana Prince (2021)
This is another not-screen-accurate but suggestive-of custom. It’s “casual” Diana. The body is an older WWE Stephanie McMahon with he Jacket removed. The head is a 3D-print taken from a sculpt of Diana in the blue dress from her first movie. (I’m not sure of the sculpt’s origins.) Again, not (read more...)
German Mechanic (Raiders of the Lost Ark)
I 100% stole this idea from an online post. (Though it’s been so long I forgot who posted it.) This is strictly a G.I. Joe Classified Gung Ho repainted. That’s it. No muss, no fuss. Not screen accurate, but it works just as well. Created September 2023 (read more...)
Green Lantern (Reynolds)
“Green Lantern” is an objectively terrible movie. It’s only redeeming quality is serving up comedy fodder for Ryan Reynolds to riff on years after the fact. That said, had it not be a waste of everyone’s time, Ryan Reynolds might been the Hal Jordan of the Snyderverse. This is my (read more...)
Diana Prince (Snyderverse)
McFarlane releasing a second movie Wonder Woman under the “Shazam” film meant customizers had a non-tiara-head to work with. I simply performed a head swap with a DC Direct Felicity Smoak body. Not even remotely screen accurate, but certainly suggestive of it. Created June 2023 (read more...)
Deathstroke (Snyderverse)
For all its problems, WB’s attempt to build a DC cinematic universe did occasionally show real promise. One such gleam of hope was Joe Manganiello’s brief portrayal of Deathstroke. Oh, what might have been! To be fair, Zaslav would probably have just deleted it for the tax write-off. The cinematic (read more...)
Cyborg Superman (Snyderverse)
Another custom that imagines an expanded “Snyderverse.” I was not the first to use this basic concept. It’s a merging of a Henry Cavill Superman with Cyborg limbs. The chest would have looked better with some sculpted texture, but sometimes speed and laziness win out. I opted for simple paint (read more...)
Brainiac (Snyderverse)
This was an easy customs that addresses the question “What might Brainiac have looked like in the Snyderverse?” Honestly, probably not like this, but I’m going with it anyway. The head comes from the statue and bust of Brainac created by b3dserkstudios. I modified it and printed it to fit (read more...)
Lucius Fox (2008)
Since I made this custom, we’ve learned Todd may be offering his own take on a Lucius Fox figure that comes with a Tumbler Batmobile. I hope that’s true! If so, once again the Casimir Curse lives to serve the greater good. Like so many of my suited male customs, (read more...)
Martian Manhunter (Snyderverse)
This is another customs that is supposed to be suggestive of a character, without being fully screen accurate. The base body is a standard McFarlane Martian Manhunter, with some details removed. The head is a 3D sculpt by the ToyManKid. I printed it, slapped it on, gave everything new paint, (read more...)