Batman (1989)
Posted on March 4, 2024

I think it’s fairly telling of a company’s quality when it releases a long-in-demand fan favorite version of a character, and the first thing everybody does is tear it apart to make it look accurate. Not a good look, Todd!

Todd’s 1989 Michael Keaton Batman is… fine. I guess. But it needs help. First and foremost, the tiny head with too much neck had to go. I bought a set of files from InkOfficer that included a “normal” head, and angry head, unmasked, mantle, and neck. The Keaton Batsuit famously does not allow the neck to turn, and I felt InkOfficer’s sculpts reflected that better than Todd’s.

I should mention I not think the unmasked head is meant to be a realistic portrait of Michael Keaton. To me it looks like a an upgraded version of Kenner’s unmasked Bruce Wayne head, back in the day. And that amuses me.

The cape comes from OT Customs. (I think. I’ve bought a lot of capes lately!) InkOfficer’s mantle allowed me to place it over the cape. The heads connect to the body via magnets, and lock all the pieces in place.

Created August 2023


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