Deathstroke (Snyderverse)
Posted on March 4, 2024

For all its problems, WB’s attempt to build a DC cinematic universe did occasionally show real promise. One such gleam of hope was Joe Manganiello’s brief portrayal of Deathstroke. Oh, what might have been! To be fair, Zaslav would probably have just deleted it for the tax write-off.

The cinematic costume of Deathstroke was surprisingly similar to the Arkham game version. It’s almost like his apperance was an afterthought, so the creative team just pulled a visual reference and ran with it. Honestly, if that’s the case, I wish it would happen more often! That meant making a custom was relatively easy. I tracked down a McFarlane Arkham game Deathstroke on eBay, and then swapped the head for a 3D print. Sadly, I don’t recall where I obtained this particular head sculpt. (If you know who sculpted it, please let me know!)

Created June 2023


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