Two-Face ’66
Posted on July 15, 2019

Two-Face never appeared in the 1966-68 Batman TV series. Various stories indicate he was on the verge of being added before the plug was pulled. There was a “lost” script that was developed into a comic a few years back. More recently, WB Animation created two Batman ’66 movies. Both are silly but entertaining, much like the old show. The second movie featured a ’66 version of Two-Face, as (brilliantly cast and) voiced by William Shatner. This custom is based on that design.

I wanted this figure to scale with Mattel’s Batman ’66 offerings. The body is from a Mattel Dark Knight… Joker Thug? Scarecrow? I can’t recall. It was in fodder storage, and the head had long since been separated. The tie was Dremeled off and replaced with a sculpted bow tie. For the head, I consulted with the denizens of the internet. The film based its Harvey Dent on a young William Shatner, just as if he had been cast back in the day. The consensus was that, even though the scale was different, the overly-large and slightly cartoonish head of the old Playmats Star Trek line would be a perfect fit. And the internet was right! (Thanks Christopher!) With Captain Kirk’s head in hand, I begin to disfigure the left side of his face, following the movie’s design where I could.

The end result is a fun addition to the shelf. (Though you’ll notice the bow tie broke off when I shot the WIP photo.)

Created Summer 2019




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