Two-Face ’66
Posted on July 15, 2019

Two-Face never appeared in the 1966-68 Batman TV series. Various stories indicate he was on the verge of being added before the plug was pulled. There was a “lost” script that was developed into a comic a few years back. More recently, WB Animation created two Batman ’66 movies. Both are silly but entertaining, much like the old show. The second movie featured a ’66 version of Two-Face, as (brilliantly cast and) voiced by William Shatner. This custom is based on that design.

I wanted this figure to scale with Mattel’s Batman ’66 offerings. The body is from a Mattel Dark Knight… Joker Thug? Scarecrow? I can’t recall. It was in fodder storage, and the head had long since been separated. The tie was Dremeled off and replaced with a sculpted bow tie. For the head, I consulted with the denizens of the internet. The film based its Harvey Dent on a young William Shatner, just as if he had been cast back in the day. The consensus was that, even though the scale was different, the overly-large and slightly cartoonish head of the old Playmats Star Trek line would be a perfect fit. And the internet was right! (Thanks Christopher!) With Captain Kirk’s head in hand, I begin to disfigure the left side of his face, following the movie’s design where I could.

The end result is a fun addition to the shelf. (Though you’ll notice the bow tie broke off when I shot the WIP photo.)

Created Summer 2019




  • Gabe says:

    Great Job!

    I really want to create a custom Playset of my own.
    I don’t Have Access to Materials normally used to create customs. so I’m looking to start with a basic one made of cardboard,
    Do you have any tips for me?

    • My advice would be the same no matter what the medium is. Plan ahead. Sketch things out. Take measurements. Build mini-models out of paper as proof of concept. Do whatever you feel you need to do to feel confident that when you start cutting and gluing, the pieces will fit together properly. Good luck!

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