Two-Face ’89
Posted on May 24, 2019

Seems like lately the question “What might Billy Dee Williams have looked like as Two-Face had he continued in the role” is being asked with greater frequency. I’ve seen some very clever fan art pop up, including some truly inspiring custom figures. I guess this is my turn to jump on the bandwagon!

Honestly, what really prompted this project to take place now was the availability of the 6” Star Wars Black Series Lando figure. (Jabba’s Palace Disguise, to be specific.) Why waste a perfectly good Billy Dee Williams noggin? So I blasted away portions of the left side of his face, and then rebuilt with Magic Sculpt. It’s far from the best effort I’ve seen, but it’ll do.

I wanted to make the figure 7”-scale, so it would work with the NECA Keaton Batman figure. I used a DC Collectibles Capullo Two-Face for the body. Lando’s head is slightly too small, given that it is really 6”-scale, but the match was close enough for my satisfaction. I painted the stripes on the left side of the body, followed by the new face. Bam! Two-Face ’89 is on my shelf!

Created Spring 2019



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