Alfred Pennyworth (1966)
Posted on May 17, 2015


I don’t pretend that this looks anything like the late, great Alan Napier, but my ’66 Bats needed an Alfred, and so this will have to do.

I chose the Mattel suited body as a base, as it’s tall and skinny, much like Mr. Napier. For the head I chose a movie Green Goblin, as William Dafoe’s noggin looks older than he is. I added some hair with Magic Sculpt, and stole some glasses from a Hush Jim Gordon.

Not perfect, but it’ll do in a pinch.

Created May 2015



  • Paul haber says:

    A brilliant custom. I’ve been on a lot of sites and seen a lot of customs. Very rarely do I say I want that or I wish I made that

  • John Judkins says:

    Great custom, I have to ask seeing all the other playsets/backdrops/ environments you’ve created any plans or thoughts on a batman 66 cave ?I would love to have something to display my figures with but haven’t “cracked” it yet. Is it something you’ve ever thought of doing?

    • Thanks! I’ve given some cursory thought to a ’66 cave, but I’m far more likely to try a screen-accurate version of the Timm-verse cave. That’s always going through my head. You might check with my friends at I know I’ve seen some amazing ’66 stuff, including caves, come through there.

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