Neo Joker (White Knight)
(Spoilers for “Batman: White Knight” ahead.) One of the many things I love about Sean Gordon Murphy’s “Batman: White Knight” is the twist on Harley; there are, in fact, TWO Harleys running around! It’s a brilliant solution to resolve a character that has grown so far past her roots she’s (read more...)
Harleen Quinzel (White Knight)
There is so much to love in “Batman: White Knight.” One of my favorite aspects is the depiction of Harley. Sean Gordon Murphy really understands her in ways most current writers of the character do not. Thank you Mr. Murphy! To craft a custom of Harleen, I needed to find (read more...)
Harley Quinn (Dini Sketch) Colorized
What do you do when you find a DC Collectibles “Black and White” statue on Amazon for a ridiculously low clearance price? You buy it and paint it, of course! This one is based on Paul Dini’s infamous sketch of Harley as he wrote the character for the first time. (read more...)
Harley Quinn (Unmasked)
I was one of those that was excited to hear McFarlane had won the license to make DC action figures. His Fortnite offerings proved he could make excellent and fun figures that featured a wide range of articulation. Todd may still love his statues, but the market had changed and (read more...)
Harley Quinn (Easter Bunny)
Frank Cho is an amazing artist that brings a sense of whimsy and wonder to his art. I have been a fan for many years. Lately he has been tasked with designing alternate Harley Quinn comic book covers. Each one is a gem that tells a little story. My efforts (read more...)
Harley Quinn (Bombshell 2)
It’s no secret that I love Ant Lucia’s art, and I especially love his DC Bombshells designs. But I always thought it was a little weird that of the officially sanctioned outfits, Poison Ivy ran around in her unmentionables but nobody else did. (The comic book seems to agree with (read more...)
Harley Quinn (She-Devil)
This custom was 100% inspired by the art of renowned comic book cover artist Joe Quinones. (He’s done some amazing work for DC, Marvel, and others.) His original piece is an homage to and a parody of the Shanna the She-Devil #1 (1972.) This Harley exists very much in the (read more...)
Harley Quinn Nurse (Bombshell)
Nurse Harley was one of the six Bombshells figures solicited by DC Collectibles and then cancelled. I was not prepared to take no for an answer. So I took matters into my own hands. Harley’s legs started as Poison Ivy’s. Her torso and arms are from a Bombshells Batgirl. The (read more...)
Harleen Quinzel (Skates)
Sometimes, you have to go for the low-hanging fruit. DC Collectibles gave us a Harley “expressions” pack with an unmasked head and roller skates. Of course I’m going to make the whole figure! (Even though I already did in the old scale, and I’m not supposed to duplicate. That rule (read more...)
Harley Quinn (Bombshell Circus)
Ant Lucia is the genius designer behind DC’s Bombshells. Without him, they wouldn’t exist. It’s a blending of two of my favorite things: retro pin-up art and DC! He designed some covers for the comic, including one in which Harley is in her traditional jester outfit, and Ivy is wearing (read more...)