Harley Quinn (Unmasked)
Posted on March 26, 2020

I was one of those that was excited to hear McFarlane had won the license to make DC action figures. His Fortnite offerings proved he could make excellent and fun figures that featured a wide range of articulation. Todd may still love his statues, but the market had changed and he was changing with it. Generally speaking, I enjoyed the first wave. At least, I enjoyed the comic-style stuff. As a huge Timm-style fan, the animated offerings were a little… weird. Harley was especially strange. She’s an excellent toy. She’s got decent articulation, and is lots of fun to pose and mess around with. But she’s an odd mishmash of styles. Her face is clearly meant to be Bruce Timm style, but her head is a ginormous melon. And the body, while decent enough, isn’t animated at all. (And what’s with the weird knees.) Suffice to say I have mixed feelings about the end product. This is my attempt to find a better use for the figure.

The head had to be separated from the body. The styles did not match. I did not have a basic unmasked Harley on my shelf, so this seems like a good opportunity to make one. Her head is from the Amanda Conner Harley line, specifically the “space” version. I didn’t care for the extra-long ponytails space Harley wears, so I swapped for the New 52 Suicide Squad Harley pigtails. The rest is paint.

Now the head matches the body and I don’t have to mentally reconcile the two.

Created March 2020



  • Peter says:

    This is fAntastic! Really wish they would put out more unmasked Harley’s. Fingers crossed that “Birds of prey” figure on the back of the box is actually released at some point, although the more time passes the worse the chances are.

    • Thanks, Peter! But don’t get your hopes up on that movie Harley. Word is it required Margot Robbie’s approval of the likeness, and she did not grant it. Todd jumped the gun by putting the picture on the back of the first wave.

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