Harley Quinn Noir 2.0 (White Knight)
You might be wondering why I chose to remake a character as a custom figure so soon after my previous effort. Two reasons: 1) better parts became available, and 2) I had the opportunity to prepare one as a gift for Mr. Sean Murphy and his wife Katana Collins. This (read more...)
Harleen Quinzel (Casual)
This White Knight style Harleen statue was made as a gift for Sean Murphy and his wife Katana Collins. I may have also made a copy for myself. 😉 The body and door frame come from a digital sculpt of Penny (Big Bang Theory) by the talented @torrida.minis. I swapped (read more...)
Harleen Quinzel (Go-Go Dancer)
In the book Batman White Knight Presents Harley Quinn, we see a younger Harleen Quinzel making her way through college as a Go-Go dancer at a “gentlemen’s club,” as depicted by artist Matteo Scalera. As I was preparing some customs for an event, I realized I had just enough time (read more...)
Harley Quinn (White Knight v2)
I have already made a White Knight version of Harley in her red coat and glasses, and I am very pleased with it. But I saw someone post this recipe online, and I wanted to try it myself. Can’t have too many versions of Harley! (I can’t recall who posted (read more...)
Harleen Quinzel (Pregnant)
They said it couldn’t be done. They said it shouldn’t be done. But I did it anyway. Yup, I made a custom pregnant Harley figure, from a scene in Batman: Curse of the White Knight. Um, uh, spoilers for the Batman: White Knight books. Probably too late for that. Harley’s (read more...)
Harley Quinn (White Knight)
I don’t think Harley ever wore this jester suit/coat combo within the pages of the Batman: White Knight books, but she did appear this way on some of the covers. That’s the look I was trying to recreate. She’s made from a DC Direct Essentials Harley figure, which means most (read more...)
Harley Quinn Noir (White Knight)
The White Knight books continue to impress me. They almost act as a grown-up sequel to BTAS. Which allows for some great character development, especially in Ms. Quinzel. My take on Harley Quinn Noir’s look started with the DC Direct Essentials Harley figure. I removed the unnecessary details, and added (read more...)
Harley Quinn & Bud
This 3D-printed sculpt is clearly an homage to the old Coppertone ads of yore. Sadly, I do not know who originally sculpted it. If you know, please feel free to point me in the right direction, so I can give proper credit. The kit printed in several pieces. Getting everything (read more...)
Harley Quinn (Reclining Statue)
I have been dabbling in the world of 3D printing for a year now. This particular file, available on Thingiverse, was one of the first projects I tried. It was a massive failure. Several times. At the time I was using a filament printer. (And I’ve since learned it was (read more...)
Harley Quinn (3D Print Maquette)
I believe this was digitally sculpted by Sinh Nguyen. He crafts some lovely cartoon character sculpts, ready to print. Printing this on my tiny Mars 2 Pro was a challenge, given her height. It took me a few tries,  but I finally managed it. Created October 2021 (read more...)