Harley Quinn II (Marian Drews)
Posted on November 5, 2020

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t read Sean Gordon Murphy’s amazing “Batman: White Knight,” then please click off this page and come back later. It’s for your own good!

It’s no secret I love this book. Soon as I can figure out the recipes, I’m sure I’ll make more characters based on Mr. Murphy’s designs. In the case of Ms. Drews here, I hadn’t planned her in advance like I usually do. Instead, I cracked her recipe as I was drifting off to sleep one night. (That happens frequently.) I realized her design shared a fair amount of design DNA with Bombshell Harley. And I just happen to have enough remaining Bombshell Harley parts to make it happen!

I started by removing the boots and sanding down the socks, and then putting the boots back on. I removed the jacket, filled in the holes with Magic Sculpt, and swapped the arms for a Bombshell Batwoman pair. The head is a casting of Bombshell Wonder Woman. Everything else is shaped framed Magic Sculpt (95%) or ProCreate (the bangs and loose hairs). (Oh, the ring on the choker is a tiny metal ring, as used in craft jewelry.)

To make that very specific shape of the pigtails, I started with a small styrene rod, matching it to holes I drilled in the head. I used Magic Sculpt to build up that shape in layers, as if I were reconstructing an onion. Onions got layers!

I didn’t realize until I was finished that her belt buckle is supposed to be a stylized “J.” I completely missed that little detail. Maybe I’ll go back and add that later.

Created October 2020






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