Joker (Chef)
This Joker was inspired by one of the outfits seen in the animated comic book. I felt it was so absurd and funny I wanted to make a three-dimensional version. Created Spring 1999 (read more...)
Joker (Swimsuit)
In my quest to keep Joker fashionable, I wanted to make a version of the clown as seen swimming in the episode Harliquinade. The absurdity of him wearing a 1920s styled swimsuit and a floating ducky just amuses me. And the sunglasses are tres chic. The duck is Sculpey around (read more...)
Poison Ivy (Arkham Asylum Game)
I wanted to make an Arkham Asylum Harley, so that meant I had to make a Poison Ivy to go with her. It’s just not balanced otherwise, right? The main body is a standard Mattel female buck, with a casting of my Ivy head sculpt. I swapped the feet from (read more...)
Poor little JJ. Man, that’ll ruin your day. (I’ve been asked by viewers to not reveal any spoilers of Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, edited or otherwise. Frankly, if you’re seeing this, it’s too late, but I’ll do my best to refrain from saying anything specific.) JJ’s base is (read more...)
This particular custom was really a “side” project, meaning it was made while other figures sat curing or drying. It was really more of an after thought. I never liked Hasbro’s attempt at the character, but I never liked the character enough to actually do anything about it. However, one (read more...)
Jack Napier
Granted, I’m partial to the idea that Joker was an out-of-work comedian rather than a gangster before his acid swim (as in “The Killing Joke”), but I really enjoy the few images we’ve scene of Joker as Jack in the animated style. Obviously, the base is a modified Machine Gun (read more...)
Paul Dini
One of the driving reasons behind the Arkham Asylum project was the excuse to make some of Batman’s rogues gallery in prison attire. (Like I really needed an excuse.) Astute viewers know that much of the creative staff often makes cameos in their animated programs. Paul Dini and Bruce Timm (read more...)
Like so many other characters, Parasite long eluded me in my effort to get him “just right.” And like other recent efforts, I’m glad I waited. Two of my favorite versions of this custom are Mike Danza’s and Doubledealer’s. I started in on both their recipes, but for various reasons (read more...)
Parademon is a project that goes way back. I’ve had plans of some sort since the airing of Superman: the Animated Series. At the time, I had planned on using Hasbro’s bent-knee Batman figure as a base. Some time ago, extraordinary customizer Airmax created a great Parademon, upping the ante (read more...)
Mxyzptlk! (Pronounced “Mix-Yes-Spit-Lick.”) Long have you eluded me! At long last, you exist in three dimensional form on my shelf. And the world was happy. Mxy is my first concentrated foray into original sculpts. Except for his hat that he stole from a Riddler figure, he is 100% Super Sculpey. (read more...)