Posted on July 5, 2013


One day, I realized that the Danger Girl figures might make great bases for an 6″-scale DeeDee. With the price of Danger Girl figures dropping faster than internet start-ups, now seemed the best time to try.

The first DeeDee (to the left) is made from the bob-haired Blonde Danger Girl. I dremeled off some of the unneeded details from her legs and shirt. I removed her fall of hair and moved it to the opposite side of her face, so as to remove her further from the base material. Her belt is a strip of vinyl, and the studs are simply drops of Superglue left to dry. The brim of the hat is also cut from vinyl, while the hat’s body is a lump of shaped Kneadatite.

The second DeeDee was made from the Russian Danger Girl, and as such required more work. First, the mesh top had to be removed. This gal also sported a great deal of sculpted detail on her pants and boots, and it all had to be dremeled off and sanded smooth. I used Kneadatite to sculpt some boot details to match her twin. Fortunately, the belt was already in place on this figure. Kneadatite also extends the lower line of her shirt. I swapped Russian chick’s head with Blonde chick’s, so as to facilitate the twin effect, keeping thefall of hair in its original place. (Insert Tomax and Xamot jokes here.) Her hat is the same as her sister’s.

Creating these two was a lot of fun. Tweaking with the designs was very liberating.

Created Fall 2001


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