Batman (Adams Style)
Posted on July 5, 2013


For many people, the Neal Adams/Marshall Rogers/Jim Aparo style Batman is the definitive version. I personally prefer the non-blue, non-oval versions myself, but I appreciate this version all the same. Why a legitimate figure of this interpretation hasn’t been made yet is simply baffling.

The basis of this recipe was pioneered by Iron-Cow of Iron-Cow Prod, though I made some improvements. The first DC Direct Green Lantern (and later, the Spectre) makes the best base, as the figure is based on the art of Neal Adams. GL’s build is a near match for Bats’, and the mask is a great starting point for the Bat-cowl. Unlike previous versions of this custom, I wanted to put my own spin on the recipe by creating a removable cape and heads. Thus I used the “wrap and shape” method to build up the mantle of the cape across the shoulders. The involves wrapping cellophane around the figure, then sculpting the basic shape around the shoulders. The sculpted portion should be easily removable, and then it can be Dremeled and sanded to a more appropriate shape. Along the bottom edge, I etched in a shallow “shelf” for the vinyl of the cape to adhere to, and then covered the seam with Magic Sculpt. See the photo below for a better understanding.

The “Batman” head was made from the original GL head, with Mattel Bat-ears added. Bruce’s head was a cast of the first DC Direct Golden Age Flash figure, with a modified neck made to fit. I swapped GL’s gloves with those of a Mattel Batman, adding some Kneadatite to the arms’ width to better match the size of the gloves. The utility belt was obtained via Dr. Mego.

I could not be more pleased with this piece. The cape and heads are easily removed, so it’s effectively two figures in one. It looks great with the other figures on the shelf, too.

Created Summer 2005


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