Harley Quinn (McG Style)
Posted on July 5, 2013


It seems when I start to make one Harley, I can’t help but make more. Though in retrospect, I don’t recommend painting multiple variations of that costume at one time to anybody.

I love the Ed McGuinness figures by DC Direct. Yeah, they can be corny, and the some of the sculpts are less-than-stellar, but the overall consistency is solid, and there’s a pretty big variety now (for a DC Direct line, anyway). Seems a shame there was never a Harley made.

My McG Harley was made from a Superwoman. I sanded away the hair, belt and boot details. Then I added Harley’s details with Magic Sculpt.

I very much tried to find an appropriate head that was smiling, but I simply never found one. What you see here is the original Superwoman head modified. When I find a more suitable noggin, perhaps I’ll swap them out.

Created November 2010


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