Batgirl (Cassandra Cain McG Style)
Posted on July 5, 2013


For my second tentative step into the McGuinness pool, I opted to make a Cassandra Batgirl, as she appeared in “Public Enemies.”

This wasn’t a terribly difficult project. The base was an existing Superwoman figure, which was just about perfect. I sculpted over the mouth with Magic Sculpt and added the vinyl “stitches.” A little Magic Sculpt was also used to blend over the thigh-high boots and create new calf-high footwear. The belt was removed and replaced with a Mattel Batman. (Turns out it fits near-perfect once one pouch is removed.)

I’ve made a lot of Batgirls in several styles over the years, and this is one of my favorites so far. The only unusual challenge was spraying and painting the figure while the cape was still attached. (They usually come off.)

Created Spring 2007


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