Huntress (McG Style)
Posted on July 5, 2013

huntress-mcguinness-01McGuinness-style customs are a lot like animated figures: they tend to easily multiply .I knew I might get sucked in once I made Superlad.

Huntress is part of my effort to finish out the “S” and “B” teams seen in the “Public Enemies” storyline. The base figure is a McG Superwoman. Her head is a McG Wonder Woman. (Thanks to McG-style master Swass!) The costume details are either cut vinyl straps or Magic Sculpt. The cape was made from vinyl and various epoxies using my “wrap and shape” method.

I should say that both my McG Huntress and Robin were sitting on my desk for a year. I worked on them as time allowed, but by the end I was really ready for them to be finished. I think I cut some corners as a result.

And please, the next time I decide to tackle some strap-happy Jim Lee design, someone hit me over the head and stop me.

Created Winter 2008

P.S. Those are NOT bananas on her cape, they’re moons!


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