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Posted on July 5, 2013


First, I have to admit I can’t stand any incarnation of this cartoon. Even as a kid, I knew the quality was abysmal. The recent DVD did nothing to remove those doubts, and in fact only enforced them. (I tried watching the DVD. I really did. But the ensuing headaches it caused prevented me from watching more than three minutes of each episode.)

That being said, I love the new DC Direct line of figures. Despite the quality of the show, I really appreciate the simple designs. Each one captures the boiled-down essence of each character, up to that time anyway. Having these designs in this scale is a real treat.

My figures needed something to “ground” them on the shelf. The obvious choice was the old Super Powers playset. I got one cheap off eBay, but the horrid yellow was worse than I expected. So, into the spray booth went the front panel. Ignoring the Super Powers trail of stars, I think it serve its purpose just fine.

Created 2003



  • Nic says:

    When I read, “[…] The quality is abysmal,” in regards to The super Friends, two different possibilities occur.

    Most of Super Friends is admittedly very hard to watch. Especially the first two seasons. But did you watch (I apologise if you have been hounded with this question.) Challenge of the Super Friends? Because, in spite of its campiness and morality, it actually takes the form of a super hero show and has some fun elements.

    If you have watched “challenge,” and that’s your opinion, of course I respect that. But If not, I recommend it.


    • I’ll be honest: These days, I can’t tell one series from another. I’m sure that what you say is true, and one series rises above the others. But even as a kid I didn’t much care for these. Without the protective pull of nostalgia, it’s hard to watch any of these. I don’t mean any disrespect in saying that. I’m sure somewhere there’s a kid that will one day say the same thing about BTAS!

      • Nic says:

        Fully appreciated.

        And perish the thought, there’s still time!

        P.S. Apologies, I just got the notification 😐

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