Star Sapphire
Ah, Star Sapphire… The little custom that almost wasn’t. Sapphire’s another of those that’s been on my list a long time. When I finally found the time to make her, I found the sculptural modifications and additions to the Wonder Woman base were not too difficult. Diana’s details were sanded (read more...)
I’ve never been into collecting prototype figures. I’d just as soon have the finished figure. (Or often, in my case, an improved figure.) Stalker is different. To my knowledge, he’s the only animated Bat character that was made in prototype form, showed to the public and yet didn’t get released. (read more...)
While not the most interesting villain to come along in awhile, he was visually striking. Originally, I was going to base him on a Nightwing figure, but I felt he’d look too much like all the other Nightwing-based customs. I waited until the new Riddler was available, and I’m glad (read more...)
Sneak Peek
Why? Why did I make such a boring, not-likely-to-appear again villain? Because I had the parts, that’s why. The body is new school Two-Face, with a modified Nightwing head. (I added the curly-Q.) While the results may be less than stunning, he does add a certain brightness of color to (read more...)
This Shade recipe has been around for several years now. I’m just now getting to him. Specifically, mine is based on my pal Tyke’s version. Though the scale is a bit tall, the best base is the old “Rumble Ready” Riddler. His body style is a near perfect match for (read more...)
Selina Kyle
Selina was made as part of a themed online exhibition. In this instance, the theme was Catwoman. As I had already made most of the versions of Catwoman as she’s seen in the Timm-verse, I opted to make her alter secret identity of Selina Kyle. I used a Justice Lords (read more...)
Mirror Master
Just a simple additon here, folks, but it makes all the difference. Using Kneadatite I added Mirror Master’s mantle atop his chest. I mixed some green to match the existing colors, and voila! It’s done. Simple but effective. Created Spring 2006 (read more...)
Dr. Milo
Given the many recipes I was adopting that use the DC Direct “Superman: Doomsday” Lex as a body, it was only a matter of time before I realized the same body would work well for Dr. Milo. I made no changes to the body aside from some blue paint. For (read more...)
Roxy Rocket
Of all my early customs, Roxy was one of those that needed a re-do the most. I’m happy to say I now I have a Roxy custom that does not embarrass me! Like my other recent new school gals, Roxy uses a Justice League Hawkgirl as a base. The head (read more...)
Metallo (Suit)
Another recipe brought to you by Glassman! This project is a straight-up copy of Glassman’s recipe. The base body is a DC Direct “Superman: Doomsday” Lex. I merely swapped out the head and right hand from a Hasbro Metallo. A little paint and it’s time for “Chaos at Earth’s Core.” (read more...)