Batcave Robin Memorial (TNBA)
Posted on July 5, 2013

robin-memorial-btas-02Technically speaking, the Robin Memorial appears three different ways over the course of the various animated series: as above in “Over the Edge,” the red and black version in “Sins of the Father,” and of course the full Heroes Memorial in “Batman Beyond.” This time around, I chose to go with the “Over the Edge” version, as I think it’s visually the most interesting.

Robin’s case is a figure case intended for a Star Wars figure. Clear acetate (in this case, clear presentation covers from an office supply store) was used to “hang” the costume. The case was measured from the inside, then the appropriately sized piece of acetate was cut. An eighth of an inch was allowed at the top, to be scored, folded and ultimately glued to the top of the interior of the case.

Robin’s costume was printed and cut with an X-acto blade. Spray adhesive was applied to the back, then the cut out was applied to the already cut acetate. Having already scored and folded the top 1/8″, standard model glue was applied to the top of the acetate. (DO NOT use Super Glue! It creates a chemical reaction that will “cloud” your acetate.) Using a pen or similar narrow instrument, firmly apply the glue-bearing top of the acetate to the top of the case. (This is easiest when all the parts in question are upside-down.)

Created Summer 2004



  • Jim says:

    Good afternoon long time fan of your incredible work and intricately detailed customs. would you please let me know if this size case would fit the TNAB Batman figure pictured ? It appears nightwing would fit but without the case in my possession it is very difficult to tell and reviews dont help, thank you so much for your time and kindness

    • I’m not sure. Normally I’d walk over to the case and check, but I just recently packed away a bunch of older figures and customs, including this. I think you best bet is to simply find some plastic tubing and give a it a try.

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