Batmobile (Retro)
Posted on July 6, 2013

batmobile-retro-01The Shadow Thundercab became the basis for this project. The bat shield was sculpted and the roof and fin were cut from styrene. The black spray paint made it appropriate for Bats to keep in his garage.

Created Spring 1999



  • Jonathan HMM says:

    I WAS SO IMPRESSED WHEN I SAW THIS YEARS AGO, I MADE MY OWN. I USED THE FIN FROM THE BAT SLED THAT WAS INSIDE THE ORIGINAL btas batmobile. I wanted to say thank you, I have my own garage of batmobiles, with impending SR batmobile. You should look at the dick tracy movie cars as well–great for batman’s earlier batmobile. I love your work, it is inspiring as well as creative. Please keep at it.

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