Batmobile (Grand Prix)
Posted on July 6, 2013

batmobile-grand-prix-02Somewhere, a devoted Speed Racer fan is screaming. Yes, this is a repainted Mach 5 toy. I am not a Speed racer fan, though I’m more than happy to use Resaurus’ great figures as parts. The Mach 5 playset is simply amazing, and I’d probably have bought it even if I wasn’t a customizer.

I simply repainted it. The design is so sleek, and the toy so well made, I felt anything I added (including various Bat symbols) would detract from the final product. I don’t even mind the tires reading “Speed Racer.” And one can never have too many Batmobiles (or Jokers… or Harleys…).

Created Spring 2000


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