Gorilla Temple
Posted on July 6, 2013


“Shortly after the founding of Gorilla City, a team of gorilla archaeologists discovered a hidden, ancient temple just outside the city’s outskirts. Such a discovery set off a great deal of controversy, as the temple dated back thousands of years before the citizens of Gorilla City had been bestowed with super intelligence and founded their city. How could it be here? And what was the rumored power source buried beneath it? Such rumors attracted unwanted attention from the outcast Grodd.”

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

As I was perusing TRU one day in search of “Super Friends” for my son, a new Imaginext playset caught my eye. It was an exclusive to TRU, featuring a giant Ape-shaped construct in the temple. How could I not think of Gorilla city? Of course, Gorilla City is full of high technology, so I developed the little story above to justify my using the playset on the shelf.

I had planned to perform a complete overhaul of the playset, removing some of the Imaginext-specific features, and laying on the painted textures. Alas, my time is very limited lately, and I’d rather play with my son, so I merely applied some drybrushing to the trees and leaves to tone down the bright colors. Otherwise, I think this playset is tremendous fun.

Created Winter 2008


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