Two-Face (Gangster)
This easy figure is a simple repaint of a Bruce Wayne II with a head swap. Originally seen in part II of the “Two-Face” origin episode, I decided he’d look better with an updated design. Created Summer 1999 (read more...)
Two-Face (Comic)
I sat down to repaint the recent Mattel Two-Face figure using his proper colors, and at the last minute decided to add a little variety. Instead of the normal blue-grey skin tone, I chose to paint him the purple color scheme as seen in the most recent run of animated (read more...)
Two-Face (BTAS)
The original Hasbro old school Two-face has always bothered me. As custom fodder he’s one of the most useful pieces made, but never served the intended purpose well. After so many years, it was high time I corrected this problem. I removed the coat and created a new one with (read more...)
Toyman (STAS)
Have you seen Mike Danza’s customs? If not, stop reading this page and click here. The man is one of the very best animated style customizers active today! Plus, he’s a really swell guy. One day Mike happened to mention he had started sculpting a Toyman head from scratch, but (read more...)
Toyman (Legion of Doom)
Ultimately, Toyman was released by Mattel. But back in the day, we were told the line was dead, and this prototype slipped out. Castings were made, and this was my copy. The yo-yo idea is stolen borrowed from Glassman, made from two muzzles of plastic guns. Created June 2011 (read more...)
The Thinker’s noggin was originally crafted by the talented Great White. I applied a casting of the head to a standard JLU small male body. A little paint and clean up and the Legion of Losers Doom is expanded! (Like many others who have made the Thinker, I cheated and (read more...)
Thanagarian Soldiers
Mattel’s recent Thanagarian 6-pack shows what good Mattel can do when it really wants to. It features some nice new parts and characters. However, the set gives us four Thanagarian officers but no soldiers. I chose to enhance my shelves with a few extra hawk grunts to fill out the (read more...)
Talia al Ghul (TNBA)
A new school Talia was a relatively easy project, made from the Hasbro Talia. Most of the details were dremeled away, and the peek-a-boo curl was corrected. The club-hopping boots were replaced with the more subtle heels of the movie Batgirl figure. Kneadatite squared out the shoulders a bit, and (read more...)
Talia al Ghul (BTAS)
Well, like all the recent Hasbro/ TRU offerings, I am perplexed by Talia. I am oh so thankful to have her, yet scratching my head as to why she’s not quite right. The basic design is accurate, the sculpt is acceptable. But the look is off. Again, I think they (read more...)
Talia al Ghul (Desert Garb)
“Slinky dress” Talia is part of my “lost wave” of figures. Like the others in this wave, she was fully sculpted almost two years before she was painted. The base body is the Hasbro new school Poison Ivy. The details were Dremeled off, and the head was replaced with a (read more...)