Posted on July 6, 2013

mountain-playset-01This hunk o’ plastic was found at a garage sale. I’m reasonably sure it was part of a typical green army man set. It was vaguely rock shaped and molded in pale grey plastic, but that’s all that could be said for it. My first thought was to augment the Batcave or Fortress of Solitude playsets, but they didn’t really need augmenting. Then it occurred to me that we see quite a few scenes that take place in rocky desert. It would seem both Metropolis and Gotham City are located just outside a desert, despite being on the East Coast. So I painted it a burnt orange color and gave it terra cotta highlights. It could now serve as Bizarro’s birthplace, cliffs for Roxy to smash into, a place to test LexCorp technology, or a rocky hide-out for Ra’s. Or even a place to house the Autobot’s Ark. Any way it’s used, it makes a welcome addition to the playsets on the shelf.

Created Summer 2002


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