Harleen Quinzel (Arkham Asylum Inmate)
Posted on July 5, 2013


I have enjoyed the heck out of the Arkham Asylum and Arkham City games. They’re effectively a CGI, “realistically” rendered extension of the animated series.

I also enjoy the art of Carlos D’Anda, who was a character designer on the game, and also illustrated the Arkham City comic (written by Paul Dini). This version of Harley is loosely based on his art, as she appears in a few panels before breaking out of Arkham.

I knew I needed a slightly larger than normal female body to use as a base. A tremendous thanks to my pal Hunter Knight for helping me identify the best options. Ultimately, I chose the Marvel Select Spider-Woman. (In this case, the black and white one, though the red and yellow version is the same sculpt.) I added a few select details with Magic Sculpt, and used the Mattel Harley Arkham City head.

I’d love to make more of these, but I know DC Collectibles is planning additional figures, so I’ll wait. But I doubt this version of Harley is even on their radar.

My favorite part of this custom: the band-aid.

Created October 2012


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