Lady Blackhawk
During Son of CAPE (2006), I had the chance to meet the amazing Gail Simone. During the course of the day, I was painting my 6-inch scale Lady Blackhawk. Gail seemed to really like the figure, and I regretted the fact I couldn’t finish the figure while on site. This (read more...)
This one is entirely Quartermain’s fault. Quartermain created an excellent Krypto using a Secret Saturdays Cryptid figure. I thought using the Cryptid as a base was a great idea, so I filed it away in the back of my mind. Some time later, I came across some Cryptids on clearance. (read more...)
The genetic daddy of Supes here was made using my Superman: Redux recipe. His torso is a Hasbro Supes with modified arms, and his legs are Racer X’s. I augmented the usual body suit with the requisite Kryptonian paneling, made from Kneadatite. The head is an somewhat unconvincing Bruce Wayne. (read more...)
Jimmy Olsen
It’s time for another amazing sculpt by the ever-lovin’ Glassman! The man is a talent, through and through, and a gentleman to boot. G-man was once again kind enough to share cast copies of one of his creations with others, and I leapt at the chance. I’d tried several times (read more...)
James Gordon (TNBA Coat)
Once I started making decent progress on Harvey Bullock and Renee Montoya, I knew I needed a new Jim Gordon to stand with them. My old one needed an overhaul, but I didn’t have the time necessary to re-make him properly. So I found a compromise in creating a coated (read more...)
James Gordon (TNBA)
After Scott Rogers, I’ll be the second one to praise Hasbro for finally making not only a Commissioner Gordon figure, but a civilian character at that! I only wish they hadn’t let the interns sculpt the body. I felt it was my duty to correct his sculpt. First I dremeled (read more...)
James Gordon (Holiday Knights)
This pair of figures had been on my to-do list for a long time. “Holiday Knights” was the first New School style episode to air back in 1997, and it made a big impression on me. This short but poignant scene was not something usually witnessed in a 22 minute (read more...)
James Gordon (BTAS)
This incarnation of Gordon is based loosely on Charlie Jackam’s recipe. The base is an old school Two-Face body. Charlie had used a coat from another figure to create Jim’s trench coat. I didn’t have any such item available, so I had to get creative. I used vinyl, gluing around (read more...)
“Probably the best superhero comic in the universe.” That may just be true! Last year I started reading the collected editions of Robert Kirkman’s Invincible, and it is good stuff! Kirkman obviously loves the genre, and his affection shows in every issue. If you haven’t read Invincible, I strongly recommend (read more...)
Ice (Powered Up)
This is a translucent resin casting of Ice. I painted her using an older technique. I sprayed her with Dullcote before brushing on the white. The Dullcote acts as a transparent primer, giving the brushed-on paint something to adhere to, resulting in a smoother, easier-to-control finish. The Dullcote does make (read more...)