Mr. Freeze (Comic)
Posted on July 1, 2013


I recently partook in an online customs exhibition. The inaugural event featured Mr. Freeze, meaning the participants were asked to submit a version of the character.

For my submission to the exhibition, I chose Freeze as he appeared in the animated style comics. To my knowledge, he wore two, maybe three suits that were original to the comic and didn’t appear on the animated program. I always enjoy when the comic writers can sneak in things like that, expanding the universe a little.

The base is the TNBA Mr. Freeze. (Spider Freeze.) I removed some details, and sculpted new ones. The lines along the lower arms were added, matching as best I could the existing etched lines along the upper arms. The lines along the legs are simply painted. The red circle on the chest is taken from an Aztek figure.

The design is meant to be something of an amalgam of the BTAS and TNBA designs. In the issue this suit appears, the colors appear to be green and grey in the interior art, but black and blue on the cover. I compromised. When I was done, I realized his colors look a bit like a Super-Powers era Freeze. Wacky!

Created Spring 2006


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