Terry McGinnis (Vigilante)
This custom is based on Pierre’s recipe for a Terry McGinnis without the jacket. Most Terry figures (including my first one) are made with the jacket. Pierre wanted to be different, and he did that using Nightwing’s torso and Wild Card Joker legs. The head is from Hasbro’s Terry. I (read more...)
Terry McGinnis
Once again, Hasbro really dropped the ball on this one. Fortunately, they gave us a decent head sculpt, even if their paint job was way off. To accompany this head, I used the legs of everybody’s favorite fodder of 1999, Wild Card Joker. The torso and arms are from a (read more...)
Superman (STAS)
Some time ago, I made a Superman from a Racer X figure. While I was very much aware that his chest was not anywhere near on-model, I felt he was much closer than the Hasbro offerings, and at the time I was satisfied with it. However, I’ve since become much (read more...)
Superman (Electric)
This is a translucent resin castings of Superman from his “electric” days. Frankly, these comic stories are not anywhere near the top of my list. But if splitting Supes in two and giving him electricity-based powers is what it takes to get rid of the mullet he sported at the (read more...)
Superman (Brave New Metropolis)
  Once I’d made my STAS Superman figure, all my other Superman customs looked puny. So I applied the same recipe to update some. In this case, it’s Supes as he appeared in “Brave New Metropolis.” The torso is a Hasbro Supes, with repositioned left arm and all those muscles (read more...)
Superman (Anti-Kryptonite)
Presenting another fine custom inspired by Mike Danza! I’d been wanting an accurate figure of Superman in his anti-Kryptonite suit for years, but never got around to it. Mike proved using a Justice League Superman as a base could work nicely. For the most part, mine is almost a direct (read more...)
Supergirl (JLU)
Once Supergirl showed up in her new outfit on Justice League, I knew she’d be on my short list of figures to make. As a base I chose the new “generic” female body, as it’s appropriately short. (It’s inappropriately short for most of the ladies it’s been used for so (read more...)
Supergirl (STAS)
I was thrilled with the quality of the last batch of DC premiums from Jack in the Box. I’d start customizing Alf figures before I ate the food there, but I loved the figures. Batgirl and Supergirl are particularly strong, as these appeared to me to be the best sculpts (read more...)
Supergirl (Anti-Kryptonite)
I had started an anti-Kryptonite Superman, and it only made sense to make Kara in a similar suit. For the base I chose the recent Mattel female body used for Batgirl and Catwoman. I’m not a big fan of this overly-small sculpt, but I wanted Supergirl to look significantly smaller (read more...)
Oh Mattel! You try so hard! You really do! (And that’s more than I can say about Hasbro’s handling of the DC license.) But sometimes… Sometimes trying isn’t enough. Sometimes you really need to stop and ask yourself “Is it really appropriate to use Polly Pocket figures in the JLU (read more...)