Posted on July 4, 2013


Like so many other characters, Parasite long eluded me in my effort to get him “just right.” And like other recent efforts, I’m glad I waited.

Two of my favorite versions of this custom are Mike Danza’s and Doubledealer’s. I started in on both their recipes, but for various reasons decided to alter things. I think I found a happy medium. My version of Parasite uses the legs of a Mattel animated Batman (non-JL), Martian Manhunter torso and arms, and a Hasbro Superman head (first version). Like Doubledealer’s I reshaped the head, adding a Kneadatite brow.

The debate rages on concerning the blue lines: Should they be sculpted, or flat? The aforementioned customs feature some excellent sculpting of the lines, but I opted to paint mine directly. It occurred to me that if this figure were ever manufactured, the lines would be etched in, much like the Hasbro Nightwing emblem. (Based on the fact the lines don’t appear in silhouette when animated.) As etching is not something I’d want to try, painting worked just fine.

As I said, I’m glad I waited until I was certain I could capture Parasite’s likeness. I’m very pleased with the final outcome.

Created Summer 2004


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