Paul Dini
Posted on July 4, 2013


One of the driving reasons behind the Arkham Asylum project was the excuse to make some of Batman’s rogues gallery in prison attire. (Like I really needed an excuse.)

Astute viewers know that much of the creative staff often makes cameos in their animated programs. Paul Dini and Bruce Timm probably show up more often than anyone else. It was time these folks were represented on the shelf.

The inspiration for inmate P. Dini came from the base figure of this custom. It’s a Grandpa Max from Ben 10, only released in Europe. (Grandpa? Uncle? I can’t recall.) I didn’t change a thing sculpt-wise. I simply painted the clothes inmate-grey and his hair black. The glassed are cut from a blister bubble.

Maybe not the most accurate representation of the master writer, but funny just the same.

Bruce, your day is coming…

Created November 2010


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